Ford Transmission Repair at Chapman in Northeast Philadelphia

Regardless of the type of Ford you own, maintaining a healthy transmission is one of the best things you can do for your vehicle. If you keep your model's transmission healthy, your vehicle is better-equipped to offer premium performance that supports you with safer long-term driving. But every Ford's transmission is made up of many moving components, and ongoing transmission maintenance is required more than other automotive services to keep everything working well. The great news is that, at Chapman Ford in Northeast Philly, all of our expert technicians are dedicated to keeping your vehicle healthy with top-rated transmission repair and maintenance so your Ford provides impeccable performance for many years.


Transmission Fluid Changes

Considering all types of transmission repair, changing your vehicle's transmission fluid is one of the most typical and needed. Your Ford's transmission fluid guarantees that the system's internal components get thoroughly moisturized to stay in top operating condition. But things like soil and small debris can accumulate inside the fluid over time, which can decrease its reliability. In fact, used transmission fluid usually damages your vehicle more than it helps it work.

For every transmission fluid change at Chapman Ford in Northeast Philadelphia, the old fluid in your vehicle's tank will get removed and replaced with fresh solution. We'll also check that your transmission fluid filter is in top shape too.


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Reseal Services for Your Transmission

If your Ford's transmission is affected by a leak, but also still functional, our team can perform a transmission reseal to help keep your vehicle producing quality performance. This reseal service usually means upgrading all of the external seals of the automatic transmission to put a stop to any sort of leaks so your vehicle gets the right amount of liquid to support your travels.

Driving a vehicle with low transmission fluid will make it more difficult to switch gears and will also create permanent wear and tear to any surrounding parts. This is why it's essential to tightly fasten all leak areas.


Transmission System Replacements

Eventually, almost every driver finds themselves in circumstances when their vehicle's transmission becomes damaged beyond simple repair. Luckily, Chapman Ford has everything needed to help you. At our dealership in Northeast Philly, we can fix any transmission with expert maintenance and repair services. Simply swing by our service department with your Ford and we'll take a closer look at the transmission to figure out any issues. Afterward, our service team will replace every part that has harmful damage to ensure your vehicle is running perfectly again.


There's no better place for quality transmission repairs and replacements than Chapman Ford in Northeast Philadelphia. If you want to schedule your next service appointment or have any questions about vehicle transmission repairs, feel free to get in touch with us today. Our friendly and expert staff members can help answer all your questions. For the best repair and maintenance services, choose Chapman Ford today!

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