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The Purpose Of Automotive Coolant

Your car's coolant fluid keeps the engine cool and reduces heat that the daily operation of your vehicle can cause. It also serves to protect your engine from colder weather in the fall and winter. Coolant is a necessary part of daily car operation. Although it can last for a very long time, coolant can still age, becoming less effective and polluted by outside elements such as dust and debris. Coolant flushing replaces your car's old coolant keeping the engine running effectively during your daily commute in Levittown.


The Signs Of Aging Coolant

Aging or bad coolant can cause several signs of decreased performance during your daily drive. These can include the temperature randomly spiking and dropping, odd noises from the car's engine, and strange odors or smoke. Any of these signs point to the need for a coolant exchange as soon as possible.

The Dangers Of Old Coolant

As you drive your car's engine generates a high amount of heat and without working coolant, your engine can quickly overheat. This overheating presents several dangers as both a car owner and a driver. Random overheating can cause your call to stall or cease responding at random intervals. This can make driving dangerous and make your car unable to be driven over long distances. This overheating presents a financial concern to all car owners, as overheating can cause damage to an engine requiring repairs; some of which can be quite expensive. Old coolant can also cause corrosion to important car components.

How Often Should You Have Your Coolant Changed

When you should have your coolant exchange varies greatly. In the end, it all depends on your manufacturer's advice. Some advice having fluid exchanges every 30,000 miles, some 60,000 miles and other every 120,000 miles, while some owner's manuals advise a set period of time, such as every 12 years, if not longer. The reason for such vast discrepancies is due to improvements in coolant and automotive technology. Many modern brands of coolant can last a very long time. That being said, coolant does break down and become contaminated over time, requiring it be replaced with fresh coolant.

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When you need your coolant exchanged, you want to do business with a shop that offers top of the line service for your money and values your time. At Chapman Ford of Northeast Philadelphia, we provide the highest quality service to residents of the greater Philadelphia area. Contact us today for more information!


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