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Certified Ford Exhaust System Service in Philadelphia, PA

Your engine takes in fuel and uses combustion to generate torque thousands of times per minute. This reaction generates products that need to be removed from the engine and kept away from the driver and passengers, and that's where your exhaust system comes in. At Chapman Ford of Northeast Philadelphia, we provide certified exhaust system service for your Ford, so your exhaust system will always be at its best. We even have OEM parts on hand to replace any parts that need it.

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The Basics of an Exhaust System

The products of engine combustion are vented into the manifold. These gases are toxic and harmful, so the manifold directs them to the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter performs chemical reactions to neutralize those gases into less harmful products, like carbon dioxide and water. Then the gas passes into a chamber with channels and tubes for the air to enter, which dulls down the combustion noise, called the muffler. From the muffler, the gas is released behind your car, so it doesn't enter the cabin at all.

Why Your Ford Might Need Exhaust System Service

Understandably, the gases that leave your engine are very hot. This heats the exhaust system, which is held up by metal connectors. Should a few connectors break, your exhaust system could fall and rest on hoses and wires, potentially melting them. The system can also be damaged by debris from the road, which can cause leaks. Our certified technicians will take a comprehensive look at your exhaust system and make sure everything's in order.

OEM Parts for Your Replacements

Our service center has OEM parts from Ford on location, so we can have the part installed in no time whenever you need a part replaced. These parts are genuine Ford parts and are the same parts that Ford designed to go in your specific vehicle. They're tested for quality and safety, so the integrity of the part you receive is never in question. We have genuine OEM parts to give you the absolute best.



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Visit Chapman Ford of Northeast Philadelphia for Exhaust System Service

Our local service center can make your exhaust system service more convenient for customers in Philadelphia and Levittown. Our newly-renovated waiting room is so comfortable you can relax while our experts work on your car. We also have a courtesy shuttle service, as well as an in-showroom Hertz Rental Department. We're proud to have a full-service collision center on-site, so we're truly the only place you will need for Ford service and repair. Set up your appointment today!

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